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How Does the Court Determine What is in the Best Interest of the Child?

In cases of child custody regardless of whether or not there is a disagreement between parental parties, the Court is going to evaluate what is in the best interest of the child as it relates to living arrangements, schooling and relationships. So what does the Court take into account when determining the question of custody…

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Changes in DE Law a Sign of the Times

This past week, Governor Markell signed a bill modifying the requirements for mandatory minimums, thus freeing up judges to use their own discretion specifically regarding crimes of a non-violent nature. Previously, several drug felonies were lumped in as violent felonies. Those felons with multiple convictions could easily find themselves on the wrong side of a “three strikes”…

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GDWG Welcomes Jenna L. Stayton

As many of you know, our firm has been growing in a number of ways these past few years and that trend continues with the addition of our newest associate, Jenna L. Stayton. Jenna is a Delaware native and comes to us (like so many amazing attorneys in our area) from Widener University Delaware Law…

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Talk to a Lawyer if You Have Questions About Social Security

In Delaware, you do not need an attorney to file for Social Security Disability. It’s true. Claimants can file documents themselves. However, it is highly recommended that folks do not do this because roughly two thirds (about 65%) of those filing initial claims are denied. Claims can be denied for mistakes and omissions and wait…

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GDWG Now Assisting Clients Seeking to File for Bankruptcy

For those of you following the firm, you know that over the past year or two, we have been growing at an incredible pace. In addition to David C. Gagne and Achille C. Scache joining our team, we have added a number of support staff and even moved to our new law center in Pike…

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Grandparents Have Rights When it Comes to Custody and Visitation

The break up of a family is tough for everyone. Sure, some folks have harder stories than others when it comes to divorce, separation and child custody issues, but it is never a walk in the park. One thing is for sure though, when kids are involved, everything becomes exponentially more complex. When parents split…

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Happy Holidays from GDWG!

It was a wild year here at Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne with the biggest news being the addition of some great new staff members including new partner David Gagne. We have our great clients and wonderful contacts in the legal and real estate community to thank for our continued growth and success. We appreciate…

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Announcing Our Newest Partner, David C. Gagne

As we mentioned several weeks back, we have a some neat things going on here at the firm. The most notable of these changes is that of our firm name. Giordano, DelCollo & Werb, LLC is now Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne, LLC as we welcome the firm’s newest partner, David C. Gagne. David heads…

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Big Changes on the Way at GDW

In addition to having a new website and a new logo soon to debut here at the firm, we have many other changes that we hope to unveil very soon this fall. We thank all of you for your continued support and look forward to letting you all know about what we have on tap here…

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Sussex County Real Estate Market on the Rise

According to recent data released by the Sussex County Association of Realtors, single family home sales are on the rise in Sussex County, Delaware. The data released in late July 2014 suggests that, though the number of home sales in the county remained congruent with the same time period from 2013, the median home price…

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