Family Law Group Achieves Significant Victory

By GDWG / November 22, 2017

Earlier this month, we posted news on Facebook that GDWG family law attorneys David C. Gagne and Achille C. Scache achieved a significant victory in the Delaware Supreme Court when the Supreme Court ruled that the Family Court had abused its discretion in awarding grandparents supervised contact with their grandchildren over...

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Child Support is Why You Need the Right Divorce Lawyer

By GDWG / October 25, 2017

If there is one thing an attorney learns in years of cases in family court, it is that when it comes to the parties involved, all divorces are just different degrees of tough.. Some divorces are downright nasty and contentious while others can be amicable. Don’t kid yourself though; even...

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Slip and Fall Injury, but Do You Have a Case?

By GDWG / September 29, 2017

We will begin by mentioning that there is no question that there is a stigma associated with Slip and Fall injuries. Young people today may be shocked to learn that many years ago, we all lived in a world with far fewer cameras. There were no cameras in our phones....

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Back to School Means the First Time Paying Rent for Some Students

By GDWG / August 28, 2017

If you are a student at University of Delaware or are the parent of a student living off campus during their time away at college, it is important that all responsible parties pay close attention to the details within any rental/lease agreements. This may be the first time most students...

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Real Estate is a Smart Bet in Delaware

By GDWG / July 28, 2017

Homeowners have much to be thankful for when making their home in the First State. Great schools. Strong communities. Zero sales tax. Easy access to the beaches and the Bay. The list goes on forever. However, not everyone across the US has it as good as we do these days....

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Looking for a Social Security Attorney but Worried About Costs?

By GDWG / June 23, 2017

The stress that comes with applying for disability can be overwhelming without having to worry about paying legal fees. We talk to folks all of the time who are in desperate situations who tell us that they want so much to be approved for disability but don’t know how they...

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A Memorial Day Message

By GDWG / May 26, 2017

Allow us to begin by recognizing and remembering the generations of servicemen and women who have fought for our freedoms and given their lives in their efforts to protect our way of life. For those brave souls and their families, it is a debt that cannot ever be repaid, but...

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Experts Are Predicting a Healthy Housing Market in Delaware

By GDWG / April 25, 2017

Finding the home you want in the First State is becoming more and more difficult especially in “hot” areas such as Pike Creek and North Wilmington. Even though interest rates are on the rise, they are still very reasonable for those seeking a mortgage. Fear of inflation and therefore a...

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Details Make the Difference in Commercial Law

By GDWG / March 27, 2017

There are very few certainties when starting your own business. How long is it going to take until you turn a profit? What’s the best way to advertise your services? How can you find, train and keep a reliable staff? Certain truths we can only come to through trial and error....

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Estate Probate and Fighting for Fairness

By GDWG / February 24, 2017

When a relative or loved one passes away, it can make for a pretty tough time. Making it through the funeral and all of the plans and accommodations that come with it can be difficult as we reconcile emotions and deal with those others that share our grief. When an...

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