Charged with a Traffic Offense? Don’t be in Such a Hurry to Plead Guilty.

As a firm with a busy criminal defense and traffic Court practice, we handle cases that have severe consequences for those involved as well as cases that are, well, more minor in their severity in the grand scheme of things. Most people would classify traffic offenses as the latter, However, it is easy to be too cavalier when charged with a traffic violation. In fact, it is not uncommon for defendants to plead guilty in an effort to save time, “pay the fine and be done with it.” While some traffic offenses carry greater penalties than others, no charge should be taken with such a carefree attitude.

Why Traffic Violations Should be Taken Seriously

If you are like most drivers in the State of Delaware, you rely on your vehicle for school and work. Your ability to get around extends beyond mere convenience. Convictions in traffic Court can have serious consequences that can, not only result in increases to your insurance, but also lead to license suspension. In Delaware, a driver who accumulates 14 points on his or her license within a two year period will receive a mandatory 4-month suspension of their driver’s license. Lengths of periods of suspension are higher for the more points a driver accumulates. However, this is not the only way a driver may find themselves at risk of having their license suspended in the State of Delaware. A driver convicted of driving 25 MPH over a posted speed limit may have their license suspended for one month. The length of suspension will increase by one month for each additional 5 MPH over the initial 25-MPH. But, a driver does not need to face license suspension to understand that even the points for more minor violations can add up to a pose a significant problem down the road. If your employment and/or schooling depends on your capacity to drive your vehicle, we strongly suggest not taking lightly the prospect of a traffic Court conviction.

How we can Help

For starters, our criminal and traffic court attorneys have decades of experience defending clients just like you. Having an experienced attorney to defend your rights puts you in the best position for a fair resolution–especially if your case goes to trial. In many cases we are in a position to negotiate a plea to a lesser offense. Most often, this results in lesser fines and/or fewer (or zero) points. In any event, having fewer points now puts you in a better position should be charged with another traffic violation within the next few years.

If you have been charged with a traffic violation in the State of Delaware, don’t hesitate to reach out to for help with your matter. Call today so we can discuss a better way forward for you.