COVID Has Many Thinking About Wills, Living Wills

This Coronavirus pandemic has served as a wake-up call to many of us in ways too numerous to count. How we all regard our own mortality or that of a loved one changes from individual to individual. There is no doubt that the current pandemic has held up a mirror to our society and how we deal with death and dying. By now, everyone has heard the tragic stories of patients passing away in hospitals without the opportunity to have family by their bedside.

Unsurprisingly, many who have heard these stories and are reminded daily of the rising number of American deaths due to COVID are examining their options regarding end of life care. Establishing an advanced health care directive, or living will, in Delaware, is something that we help clients with routinely here at the firm. It involves filling out a form which will not only establish how medical providers should respect your wishes regarding end of life care, but also enables you to name a Power of Attorney for Health Care — a person who acts as your agent to make health related decisions on your behalf, should your condition prevent you from doing so yourself.

In addition to the creation of living wills, our attorneys are also hard at work helping clients establish and/or update wills. Considering one’s last wishes as a result of this pandemic is a very rational, and frankly proactive, way of processing the reality of the new normal, as it is often called. There is peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wishes will be met in the case of your passing.

If you have questions related to wills, living wills or estate planning, please give our office a call and we will gladly explain your options in an effort to ensure your affairs are in order.