Decades of DUI Defense Experience in Your Corner

Being charged with DUI in the State of Delaware can be a humiliating experience, to say the very least. It is not uncommon for clients with an otherwise spotless criminal history to come to us after having been arrested for and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. Whatever the circumstances of the case, each defendant has rights under the law, and we take very seriously our responsibility of upholding those rights on behalf of our clients.

Dean DelCollo and Dade Werb, partners at Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne, LLC, each have over two decades of experience representing accused persons in Delaware Court. Having represented countless defendants during their time working at the Public Defender’s Office and now having the opportunity to concentrate in Criminal Defense in private practice, Mr. DelCollo and Mr. Werb possess the skill, strategy and experience required to achieve the fairest result for each client we serve. Successful DUI defense is built on a foundation of experience and specialization specific to this area of law. Apart from considering the Prosecution’s characterization of the elements of each case, a top notch DUI defense attorney must understand laws related to the calibration of breathalizer devices, Interlock systems, blood-alcohol test readings and much more. Hiring an attorney who does not have a deep understanding of all of these aspects of a DUI case, specifically your DUI case, is inadvisable to say the least.

It is this foundation of knowledge and experience that puts Mr. DelCollo and Mr. Werb in the position to best represent your interests. Given the circumstances of your case, your attorney may choose to fight the Prosecution’s case in Court. They may move to negotiate a plea deal. You can be sure that the recommendation of your attorney will be guided by the circumstances of your case and the understanding of Court in regards to cases like yours. We will always fight for the best result on your behalf.

Maybe you have made an unfortunate decision which has led you to this moment. It’s time you carefully consider your next decision. Start by hiring the right attorney. Call GDWG today.