Is it Time to Update (or Create) Your Will?

Far too often we talk to folks about wills and estates after someone has passed on. The time to have the conversation about what will happen to your real estate and family assets after your death is while you are still alive. The reason why this is so important is because, without a will, the state of Delaware will decide where your assets and real estate will end up. Now, there is an outside chance that they will guess correctly, but what is really the likelihood of the government guessing your final wishes 100% on the money? Where the government decides to send your money depends on if you are married, single, have children, living parents, etc. These default plans vary from state to state.

To prevent your assets and real estate from being divided up and doled out by a government employee, come up with an idea of how you would like to see your assets handled after your passing and then contact an attorney who handles wills, estates and trusts. Even if you are single and living with a turtle, you should have a will. After all, who is going to look after poor Sheldon after you pass?