Looking for a Social Security Attorney but Worried About Costs?

The stress that comes with applying for disability can be overwhelming without having to worry about paying legal fees. We talk to folks all of the time who are in desperate situations who tell us that they want so much to be approved for disability but don’t know how they could afford a lawyer. If this describes you, we may have some good news for you.

We don’t get paid unless we win on your behalf. It’s true.

Under the law, as your legal representative, we only get paid if we win. We work on contingency and, if successful, are entitled to 25 percent of any back payments of benefits due to you, your spouse or dependents (up to $6000). So, in effect, our fee comes out of the money gained from the approval of the claim.

If we are unsuccessful, you owe us no money. These laws are in place for a reason. It is important that those in need are not taken advantage of during this difficult time. As attorneys, we feel that the rules regulating SSI/SSDI are more than fair and that is why we are happy to represent claimants throughout the state of Delaware. If you or a loved one is due disability benefits and you are thinking of filing an initial claim, or if you have been wrongfully denied already. call our law offices today and ask to speak with a qualified attorney who will represent you with the highest degree of expertise!