New Business Owners – We’re on Your Side

The past year and a half has put us all through a wide range of emotions. From anxiety, fear and doubt to hope, excitement and optimism, we’ve all been visited by various seasons of all of the above and much more. We prefer to stay on the positive side of things–after all, we’re problem solvers by nature. There is always a way forward. There is always a workable solution. It is with that spirit that we tip our hats to all of the newly-minted entrepreneurs among us in the First State. Much has been made recently of significant shifts in the workforce. COVID has brought with it a time to reflect for a lot of American workers who’ve either opted to retire early or, in many cases, were laid off or opted to quit their jobs to start a new business.

Choices and Challenges

To all of those Delawareans who have recently made the leap of faith to enter into the business world, we salute you. No doubt that you already know of the myriad challenges that present themselves in the early days of your new endeavor. The good news is that you have already taken the biggest step–choosing to start a new business. Now before you are the many choices that follow. How do I form a business? Should I set up my business as an S-Corp, LLC or something else? How do I create a fair employment agreement? Each business owner has to choose their own path forward. We are here to help. Let our team of commercial lawyers help cut through the complexity of these issues for you. Right now your attention is best directed towards training new employees, sorting our product and service fulfillment issues and developing a marketing plan. Leave the legal details to us. Our team will break down the finer points of your options into easy to understand pieces, putting you in a position to make the choice that best fits your business plan.

Clients for Life

We’re in business with the goal of serving our clients as completely as we can. For our business clients, this often means that we are with them for the life of their business. Through property purchases, name changes, acquisitions and more–we’re there. We take seriously the responsibility of delivering the best council and advice available to restaurant owners, contractors, insurance brokers and more. After all, as your business grows, so too does ours. If you are interested in a law firm that wants to help you grow your business, we want to hear from you.