Protecting Your Interests During those Big Life Changes

January is a time of new beginnings. This January, in particular, not only marks the dawn of a new year, but also that of a new decade. Where were you ten years ago. Are you where you thought you’d be those same ten years hence? Most importantly, where do you want to go next?

Some of this can be pretty heady stuff, but we all know when we are ready for a major change in our lives. Anxiety. Excitement. Doubt. We go through a range of emotions as we approach that first step. Sometimes what we fail to recognize is that these feelings all started months back, maybe even subconsciously, as a kernel–a feeling–that it was time for a change.

I’m going to quit my job and start a business. 

We’ve gotta get out of this apartment and buy ourselves a home.

This relationship is not working. I need to consider a divorce. 

Very often, we know where we want to go. However, it’s much harder to determine the best path forward. A lot of times, the weight of a large decision does not come from the decision itself, but from the heavy thought of, “How am I going to pull this off?”

As with many of life’s big transitions. the answer to that question is:  With a little bit of help. That is what we do here at Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne, LLC. Very simply, we know the way. We’ve been down these roads before with clients, and it’s our responsibility to help folks like you navigate waters just like these. That’s why it is so important for you to realize that it’s not all on you to figure out how to form a legal business entity, ensure you are protected when buying a house or make certain your interests are protected as you file for divorce. That’s on us.

Our legal team will present you with options so that you are in the best position to determine the best fit for your needs, the needs of your business or the needs of your family. That is what great legal representation looks like, and that is what our clients enjoy here at GDWG. If this sounds like what you need in order to meet your goals for 2020, then we need to hear from you this new year.