Solid Communication Leads to Smooth Closings

Failure to Close. Sale fell through. Buyer walked away from the table. Default.

There are terms in the real estate field that can illicit a visceral reaction from a realtor or mortgage broker. In fact, we have listed a few above. This is why our team of real estate attorneys has a particular fondness for smooth closings.

One cannot properly regard the value of a smooth closing until one identifies the various opportunities for failure. Mistakes can take many forms. A buyer takes out a loan right before closing. A walk-through goes bad. A seller fails to complete agreed-upon repairs. These are events that happen only by way of poor communication, and it only takes one to jam up all of the hard work by a number of dedicated parties.

The GDWG team believes that the only path to a smooth closing is through respectful and clear communication. We pride ourselves in maintaining healthy relationships with realtors and mortgage professionals throughout Delaware and southeastern PA. We contend that every property transaction is benefited by clear and respectful messaging by all involved throughout the life cycle of sale.

Whether we are working with a realtor or mortgage broker for the first time or we’ve collaborated together for decades, it’s important that all parties understand our commitment to a shared goal of successful and smooth closings every time.