Social Security IncomeAs with SSD, qualifying for Social Security Income (SSI) can be a tricky road to navigate in Delaware. Some are surprised to learn that upwards of 70 percent of claims are denied for those applying for SSI. To qualify for Social Security Income a claimant must show that he or she has at least one determinable medical condition. The Social Security Administration separates these conditions between mental and physical medical conditions and has separate systems for approval of benefits for both. Failing to properly document or demonstrate how these conditions should result in SSI is what keeps most claimants from receiving approval. If you are looking to increase your chances or the chances of a loved one having an application for SSI approved, you should consider hiring Dean C. DelCollo and the team of professionals at Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne to look out for your interests during this process.

SSI versus SSD

Social Security Disability is an insurance program into which a claimant and his or her employer will have paid over time. Applications are approved based on an inability to work over a period of time. No consideration is made based on income as it pertains to SSD claims.

Social Security Income, on the other hand, is a needs-based program for those who have not worked or who have worked a very limited amount. Qualifications are determined based on income and resources available to the claimant. Benefits will only continue if the recipient continues to meet the same or similar financial conditions as he or she did during the time of initial application and approval.

Qualifying for SSI

Ultimately a claimant has to show a disability which would prevent him or her from performing previous or other work. The other work piece here can be a gray area that prevents claimants from receiving benefits, at least without having to navigate a number of appeals. What those determining the outcome of your claim want to know is whether or not the disability is so severe that the claimant cannot earn gainful and substantial employment at any reasonable vocation. This is a subjective area, and like many other facets to SSD and SSI, it is best to have a seasoned legal professional on your team.

The process for applying for Social Security Income is already one that takes a good deal of time. We suggest making the right choice by hiring one of the Social Security lawyers at our firm to help you find the best resolution for your claim.



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