Coronavirus Adding Challenges to Your Family Law Situation?

There really isn’t anything left that has not become more complicated as a result of Coronavirus. Shopping. Work. School. Holidays. Sports. It is no wonder that many of us are living with a shared exhaustion due to the pandemic. What we wouldn’t give to wait 20 minutes for an open table at a packed restaurant in a pre-COVID world! But, packed restaurants just don’t work in “the new normal”, and so we adjust and find workable solutions.

Desperate times do not always call for desperate measures. Yes, right now things are tough. Unsurprisingly, there a lot of relationships that are not working in the new normal. If COVID is ruling your decisions regarding a family law matter, it may be best to speak with one of our attorneys. Even in the time of COVID, kids still need to see parents according to decisions handed down by the Court. Child support payments still need to be made. And, no one should be forced to stay in an abusive or otherwise irreparable marriage as a result of the current crisis facing the country. Life does go on. Accordingly, if you feel child custody, child support issues or questions about divorce or separation are made more complicated by COVID, it is best to seek help from legal professionals in order to best uncomplicate things. There has never been a better moment for cooler heads.

Right now, a lot of people are feeling vulnerable due to uncertain circumstances beyond all of our control. If you feel you need guidance in a family law matter, call the family attorneys at GDWG today and begin moving forward towards a workable solution today.