Name Changes

Name ChangesA person may wish to change their name for many reasons: marriage, divorce, adoption or simply the desire to go by a name different than that which the person was given at birth. Whatever the reason, our attorneys will assist you through this process and navigate the steps that must be followed from the public announcements, to the forms filed with the Court, all the way through the final hearing.

As long as your name change is not being done in an effort to commit fraud, avoid creditors/debts or avoid penalties related to a criminal case or court order, changing your name is legal in Delaware.

Rely on Our Expertise

The process for changing the name of a minor in Delaware differs from county to county.  Specifically, Kent County has different procedures for minors under 13 that must be followed to accomplish a name change.  Those changing their names as a result of a divorce or marriage should never assume that any changes have been made automatically by the Social Security Administration, IRS or any other federal, state or local government office simply due to a change in marital status. Anyone considering a name change should carefully make note of all of the ramifications of this decision before moving forward including:

  • Changes to IDs such as Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Voter Registration and Passport
  • Notifications to IRS, US Post Office, Banks and Credit Cards
  • Changes in Contract Language, Living Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

Changing your name or the name of a minor child should not be taken lightly.  Once you have decided to move forward, allow our legal team to help you navigate these often confusing waters. It is our job to make sure all documentation is filled out properly and all other obligations are met throughout the process.


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