Misdemeanor Criminal Defense

Misdemeanors Do Not Mean Consequences Are Minor

Being charged with a misdemeanor – such as shoplifting, trespassing, and vandalism – can still have significant consequences, even though the offenses are considered less severe than felonies. They are still part of your criminal record and if you are a repeat offender, your sentence can be extremely high. It is recommended that you see legal representation; there are many things an attorney can do for you when facing misdemeanor charges.

If you plead guilty, it is your lawyer’s duty to make sure that all your circumstances are taken into account and to advocate for a fair sentence. In many cases, your lawyer will present evidence to support a more lenient sentence, which requires legal expertise. You may think that what the Prosecution offers you sounds reasonable, but the experienced team of criminal lawyers at Giordano, DelCollo, Werb & Gagne may identify a weakness in the case and negotiate a plea deal to a lesser offense.

For first time offenders, there are often special programs that can result in a dismissal of the charges. Don’t forget that once you have a conviction registered against you, the penalties for future offenses will only go up. If you already have a criminal record, you will definitely need someone who understands the acceptable sentence ranges and can lower the risk of jail time.

Of course, if appropriate, your lawyer can take your matter to trial and secure an acquittal. After the verdict is rendered, your lawyer will know whether or not you should appeal.

Avoid Collateral Damage

Most people aren’t trained to assess the risk of collateral consequences or penalties outside of criminal law that may result from a conviction. For example, you may think that you are doing the smart thing by accepting the Prosecution’s plea deal, only to discover afterwards that it triggered the suspension or termination of a professional license. You could be unintentionally forfeiting gun or voting rights, or eligibility for jury duty or for public funds. There may be immigration and customs ramifications. That’s why you need to know the full picture before deciding what option is best for you. A criminal defense lawyer is in the best position to offer you this essential insight.

With more than 20 years as public defenders under their belts, Dean DelCollo and Dade Werb know how to look after their clients’ interests. They’ve seen almost every offense and can identify the issues in any criminal case. They will know what options are best for you and will fight for them.

Know your options right away. Contact us today if you have been charged with a misdemeanor.


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