A Memorial Day Message from GDWG

This Memorial Day weekend, like so many aspects of life these days, will be different. The guaranteed annual trek to the Jersey Shore, Delaware/Maryland Beaches or Chesapeake Bay is being replaced by a more subdued backyard barbecue with family for many of us. For those of us insistent on seeing some sand and surf this weekend, we are undoubtedly in for a non-standard version of this much-needed summertime escape. Wherever you find yourself this long weekend, we hope you get an opportunity to decompress, find some space and take a breath. A burger, some sunshine and an adult beverage may be just what we all need right now.

Things may be a bit off these days, but this weekend serves as a reminder that, though we must endure new homeschooling realities, neverending Zoom meetings and the occasional wrong-way shopper in the dairy aisle of the supermarket, countless Americans and their families have sacrificed much more for our collective good. Generations of young men and women have signed up, or have been otherwise selected, to go to strange and dangerous places so that we might today have the freedom to voice an opinion on when we should reopen businesses and otherwise move things closer to a new normal. This weekend, we remember those brave ones who were not able to make it back to their families.

Let us, all of us, borrow wisdom from the fallen. Let us do our best to truly be our best. Let us recognize the differences between sacrifice and mere inconvenience. Let us have empathy for those who are serving on our new front lines as well as those dealing with loss or struggling through tough financial strain. Let’s do better together.

We hope all of you find an opportunity this weekend to pause and remember those who’ve contributed so much to what we all share. And, we hope you have a wonderful start to your summer.