Grandparent Rights: What it means and how it can affect you.

As family dynamics change, it gets even more complicated when children are involved. Grandparents in Delaware are finding they must take legal action when it comes to maintaining a relationship with their grandchildren. A child’s best interest must be the number one priority when it comes to child custody and visitations issues, and for grandparents it’s important to know your rights.

Unfortunately, not all families make it a priority for their children to spend time with their relatives. In some cases, grandparents are given limited access to their grandchildren by his or her own adult child or and ex-daughter or son-in-law. The State of Delaware requires grandparents to file for visitation rights if they feel as though access to their grandchildren has been limited.

For cases involving neglect, physical and emotional abuse or substance abuse affecting the life of the grandchild, the State of Delaware will grant custody to a grandparent. Our team is experienced in helping individuals seeking guardianship in the State of Delaware. Contact our offices as soon as possible if you think that a child’s welfare is at risk due to an unfit or abusive parent.

At GDWG, we believe that all children should be given the opportunity to know their grandparents and maintain a relationship with them. We know that these are sensitive and tense situations, and our team of lawyers know exactly how to handle these delicate cases. At GDWG, we have a dedicated team of family lawyers that will fight for your rights in the State of Delaware.