At GDWG, We’ve Got 2020 Vision!

How was your 2019? Heck, how was your decade? Yes, we are all set to put the Twenty Tens in the history books as we make way for the 2020s! These last few years here at the firm have brought with them a tremendous amount of growth. From new legal and office staff to a number of fantastic new attorneys who have joined the team, we have continued to grow our ranks year after year. Our expansion has not been simply limited to personnel as of late. Just this year, we opened our new Smyrna office to better serve our clients down state.

How have we maintained such steady growth? It’s actually all due to your growth! That’s right! We serve at the pleasure of our ever-expanding client base. So, each week, our people are helping clients who are closing on a new home to fit their growing family or advising a commercial client on the sale of a business or purchase of a new warehouse. The expansion of our firm is simply a reflection of the growth of the families, businesses and communities that we are fortunate enough to serve all across the First State. As we embark upon a new decade, you may not have all of the answers on what the future may hold for you, your family and your business, but you can rest assured that our team will be here to serve your interests whatever may come.

We want to thank all of the real estate and loan professionals, friends in the legal community and clients from all over Delaware and beyond for helping to make our 2019 another successful year here at GDWG. We appreciate your continued trust and support, and we look forward to seeing all of you in 2020! Happy New Year!