Hiring the Right Attorney is all about Making Better Decisions

With decades of criminal defense experience, the attorneys at GDWG have seen it all. Dean DelCollo and Dade Werb each spent over two decades with the Public Defender’s Office for the State of Delaware, where they gained invaluable trial experience. One of the guiding principals to successful criminal defense work is that an attorney must be prepared for any scenario. Every case is different. Circumstances vary. Approaches of law enforcement and the Prosecution inevitably differ from case to case. After all, evidence and witness statements and any number of other factors will guide how the Prosecution intends on litigating and may well influence your attorney’s strategy as it relates to a plea or opportunity for negotiation. So, our strategy for defending DUI charges for one client may not be exactly what we would suggest for another client charged with the same offense. We have to take everything into account.

Contrary to what many may perceive from watching Law & Order, relationships between defense counsel and the Prosecution are generally cordial and professional. In reality, we leverage these relationships when it is in the best interest of our client. We work often with the Prosecution and the Court to negotiate pleas or fight for fair sentencing.  Whether we are working on an appeal, determining whether or not to waive a preliminary hearing, negotiating a plea or influencing the Court for the fairest bail conditions, we rely on our experience and relationships to promote the best results for our clients. For the most part, the Prosecution and the Court are not interested in long trials or heavy handed sentences which may result. These are the exceptions to the rule. However, if it if we agree that a trial is the best option for your case without compromising your legal interests, our firm is poised to test the State’s evidence in every effort to ensure that your trial is fair.

What is critical for those charged with a crime in the State of Delaware is that one must not follow up one bad choice with another. Whether you have put yourself in an unfortunate situation or you have been charged with a crime that you have not committed, it’s time now to seek the counsel of those who know the best way out! Rely on the integrity and experience of Dean DelCollo and Dade Werb for fairness and equity when your liberty and your livelihood are on the line. Call our offices today to learn more.