It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Personal Injuries

We love winter and Christmas and New Year’s and everything else about this time of the year. Make no mistake. We are not aiming to steal the fun out of the season by any stretch of the imagination.

However, we feel obligated to mention the loads and loads of personal injury cases out there that stem from accidents due to negligence in the winter months. Sure, it is okay to blame the weather. Ice and snow are a bear this time of year and we have all seen it firsthand in New Castle County and throughout Delaware over the past week. Two storms ranging from nuisance to standstill.

With this sort of weather comes the responsibility to safety. We are talking about the safety of yourself, family, employees, tenants and even folks you have never met.

When it comes to lawsuits and liability, we often have to consider who is negligent or at fault in a given situation. This applies to car accidents and unsalted sidewalks alike.

This winter, do yourself a favor. Slow down on the roads during snowy and icy conditions so as to avoid collision. make sure that sidewalks and other walkways are properly cleared, shoveled and salted so that clients, employees and pedestrians do not slip and fall on icy areas of your property.

This time of year should be one that is made of pure joy. Avoid the hassle that comes with lawsuits. Let us handle all of that. Enjoy your holiday season and be safe.