New Year’s Often Brings New Tough Realities for Marriages

January is an odd odd time of year. Let’s be honest. Getting to the other side of the holidays can be a bit of a challenge for many folks and their families and once we have done so generally there is some reflection, for better or for worse. January is a time of resolutions. Some folks choose to lose weight, eat better foods, quit drinking or smoking, or try something new. Some folks choose to get a divorce.

It’s true and the national statistics back it up. Law offices get more calls in January than in any other month from first time clients seeking divorce or separation. Some experts chalk this up to many folks simply trying to “get through the holidays” for the sake of children, parents, in-laws and even holiday parties and other social events. It is clear that one New Year’s resolution that many have revolves around an unwillingness to continue on in a fractured relationship.

Late spring and early summer are a close second in that many parents choose to wait out the end of the school year so that kids can get through with studies.

Divorce is never easy and every person has his or her own valid reasons for wishing to terminate a marriage. We suggest that in each case, one make his or her decision soberly and with every bit of care and forethought necessary. If you or someone you know is in need of a family attorney in the Wilmington, Delaware area, our own David Gagne is certainly regarded as one of New Castle County’s best divorce lawyers. Our attorneys and staff are here to help represent our clients during these complicated times.