Proud of Realtor Relationships

Folks around New Castle County and all throughout the First State know that we are very involved in the real estate community. From industry associations to educational associates, we feel is important to offer our investment of time in the communities we serve. Nothing makes us happier to see our relationships grow with the dozens of fantastic realtors we have come to know over the years. And toasting their success and the success of our mutual clients around the settlement table never ever gets old. So, how did the real estate attorneys at GDWG come to be so well trusted by some of the area’s most experienced and dedicated real estate pros over the last few decades?

We feel that the best relationships can only flourish from a foundation of trust and respect. In our field, we are able to show trust in one another an any number of ways. But, in the end, trust is earned. Follow through is a big aspect of being able to grow relationships like those we enjoy. Real estate professionals whose clients hire GDWG do not have to worry if documents are drafted correctly, if banks have been called or if everyone has done their job as settlement dates grow ever closer on the calendar.

We respect realtors. We respect the profession and what it takes to do the job. This means that there are no unnecessary delays in communication. It means that no one has to get caught up playing whisper down the lane as deadlines loom. The most meaningful way we can show a client and realtor respect is through clear communication and complete and thorough production from our attorneys and office staff. This has been our goal since day one and continues with every sale of every property every day.

If you are a real estate professional in Delaware, we want to hear from you. Let’s connect and grow business together!