The Dying Stigma of the Prenuptial Agreement

For decades there has been a stigma associated with those couples who sign a prenuptial agreement. Chief among the suppositions from friends and family is that one or both parties thinks there is a high chance that the marriage will not last. Of course, this is a silly thought to have. No one gets married with the intent to one day divorce just as no one buys insurance on a vehicle with the intent to one day smash it into a tree.

Getting married and all of the planning that leads up to a wedding is generally a time in our lives when emotion runs high. Happiness, anxiety, love and a host of other emotions swim in and out of our heads as we plan for the big day. Though entering into a prenuptial agreement may seem like an act rooted in logic, many contend that it is actually the ultimate symbol of love. When two people can recognize that, yes, some marriages do fall apart, they have the opportunity to plan for unfortunate outcomes while heads are still clear and the best of intentions still remain. This enables the two parties to find fairness now so that there may be an increased chance of order and civility down the road.

Millennials have recognized this more than those of previous generations. In fact, over 60% of family attorneys in a recent poll reported an uptick in young couples entering into prenups over the last three years. Some attribute this to a rise in start ups. Others feel it is a result of couples being more honest about finances than ever before. What we are certainly seeing now is a generation made of up children who grew up watching parents or the parents of friends getting divorced in record numbers. Naturally, some divorces are less pleasant than others. It is likely that this generation looks at the prenup as no big deal.

Whatever the age of you and your soon-to-be spouse, if you are considering a prenuptial agreement, call today to schedule an appointment with one of our family law attorneys today.